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How much does a video production cost?

Felix Olofsson - CEO & Head Creator

This is one of the hardest questions to answer but the short answer is 20.000 to 50.000 SEK. At least that's usually where our projects end up, even though it can be more expensive than that sometimes.

Perhaps that's not a lot to go on but you can think like this. A bigger problem needs a bigger budget. Meaning that if you wish to create a big campain that takes several days or weeks of planning and creating, you of course need to spend more than if you just want to create some short content for social media. Many people believe that you pay for every minute of video and this is simply not the case. A thirty second Instagram-ad might be way more advanced and time-consuming than a five minute interview.

The best thing you can do, for yourself and the creator, is to think of how much money you are comfortable spending to make your business problem go away. Then let the creator make you an offer and an idea of what he/she can do with that budget. Another great way is to show the creator a vidoe, similar to the one you would like to have. That makes it possible for the creator to calculate hours and work needed to create such a project. Last but not least, you do get what you pay for. Experience plays a large roll in pricing and many creators charge differently. Sometimes, as mentioned earlier, you need to ask yourself: How important is it that this problem goes away? Can I afford a misstake and start over again?

If you have time to reshoot, make adjustments here and there, maybe you don't need to hire the most expensive creators. But if your problem needs to be solved quickly and smoothly, maybe it's better to spend some more on the experienced one. If you like the creators work, you have a set budget, then why make it harder for yourself?

If you're interested in our price examples, click the button below.

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