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Why video in marketing works so good.

Uppdaterat: 26 okt. 2022

Video in marketing can sometimes be seen as the new great thing. While it has been a significant increase in social media lately, video is nothing new in the world of marketing. As early as 1941 we could see the first video commercial on TV. Since then, marketers realized that video is the best way to sell and reach an audience. But why? Because images, graphics, and illustrations can only touch one of our five senses, our vision. With video however, we can reach our viewers eyes AND their ears.

Just imagine how inspired you can become from an emotional speech or a song, same with a photo. Then imagine combining the best of both into one big bowl of great content. By doing so, we can awake emotions in the viewer and if there is one thing we know, it's that we make decisions based on emotions.

Your client needs to feel how your product or service can have an impact on his or her life. Maybe not in a huge way but enough to make the client, emotionally feel like this will make a difference.

Not only does video make explaining easier but also, our eyes are naturally drawn to things that move. So the chances of us making a stop in our ''zombie scrolling'' on social media are much higher if we see a video than if we see a photo or some graphics. Also, we are lazy now a days, let's face it. Often times we are not super stoked on reading long texts (like this one) so if we can give the same amount of information, or even more, with a video, it will be easier for the client to take it in. If you still need text you can always make a viewer curious with a video and then send them to ''read more''.

Whatever you decide to do, video it a great way to convey your message, regarding if it's informational, promotional or just entertaining. Wanna see how we do it?

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