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Make your audience

feel, with great video

Growing your business means new ideas and new stories to tell your followers. Don't just do it in text, add a splash of video to spice up your message. 

In this presentation showreel. You can, in just 35 seconds, learn what I'm all about (the audio may be loud).

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A photo says more than a thousand words

At least sometimes. Either way, I believe that every successful business should have a nice set of photos a long with their video content.



Less than your average

content agency

Yes, you read it right. From Gothenburg, Sweden I help my clients with content that builds their brand awareness, shows their product or tells their story.

There is of course nothing wrong with my services, I just like to keep the team small and compact. I do this so that I can provide you with excellent service and stronger focus.


Why video?

It begins as far back as 1941, when the first commercial was shown on American TV. It was a black and white video of a watch from Belova on top of a map of the U.S with a voice-over saying: ''America runs on Belova-time''. This 10 second ad paved the way for the multibillion-dollar industry that television advertising has become today.


Okay, cool story but why???
Because we can make people feel. Through great visuals, voice overs, music and sound design we can light a spark in the mind of the viewer. Make them feel inspired, joyful or even sad. When we create stronger messages, it's easier to make the viewer remember and connect with our brand. Video is simply the only way to combine the best of all media types.

Here are some of my favorite project. A good mix of  videos so  you can get a clear view of what I can offer.
(Due to large file sizes, the videos are compressed so you might experience lower quality than the original version)

Nero & Nitro-1.jpg

Why Photos?

If video is the best way to market something, why would you need photos? The way I see it, it's nearly impossible to constantly release new videos. Therefore it's smart to mix up your content strategy with some nice photos. 
Either to fill your social media feeds or to place on your website. I believe that photos will always have a place in content marketing.

Below you can see some of my best favorite photo work.


(spoiler, it's just me)

The Creator


He is responsible for all the beautiful content you've just seen. Handles all the content we produce from big film projects to smaller photo sessions.



Our CEO is rarely at the office, but never more than a phone call away. We're not completely sure what his job is but whatever it is, it's probably important.

The Intern


Even though we wish to keep our team small and compact, sometimes it's just too much. The Intern helps out with everything from brewing coffee to editing smaller project.

The Project Manager


On bigger projects, we usually need a project manager to make sure everything is handled smoothly and without any bumps.


Think we could be a good match?
Let's find out!

Fill in the form, call or send a regular email.
I'm excited to help! 

Phone: +46706454095

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Hästhallsvägen 2D, Västra Götalands län
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